Free Sample of Lesson With The "Soft Way to Mozart" curriculum.

From our company to you (the picture that will help you to learn notes and keys):
Print this Grand Staff Map and place it as a constant visual reminder of music notes and piano keys layout: Alphabet Solfeggio

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Your first piano lesson

What you need:

  • Computer (A PC running MS Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME or 98)
  • Digital piano or keyboard (for example, Casio , Yamaha, Roland etc. – at least 61 keys with MIDI)
  • Cable to connect piano and keyboard to get started.
  • Printer and a pair of scissors

Starting with your fingers warm ups

Download the cards and print them on hard paper

Learn Duration of Music Notes with Soft Mozart

Start learning the song by following the instructions on our videos:

Learning the right hand:
Learning the left hand:

Stretches, or Hannon 1

We start with ‘stretches,’ the first Hannon exercise. This is like the ‘ignition key’ for the car, namely the hand. Hannon helps to cover the space of the entire keyboard, using all of the fingers in turn. Watch the video and try to repeat what you see on your piano.

Learning the order of music notes with Flash Cards.


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Download of Alphabet Song – Chant (To download the song right-click, save the file) and Cards)


Download the cards and print them on hard paper. Cut them with scissors.

Our "I can read music!" flash cards teach a beginner to differentiate, determine and memorize the position of music notes on the Grand Staff. Today you are going to learn ascending and descending order of music notes from Do to Do.

Work with the song and the cards as it shown on the video.

Learning Note Duration game


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Free download of the Note Duration game (Only for PC)


(To download the game click link, save the file, and then run it)

It is absolutely unique and a fun way of learning the measurement of music notes and reading different music rhythms. To play the game you have to press the space bar of your computer and watch the note moving across the screen until they will get inside of the ‘tube’ with the same color.

Try to finish the game in shorter time every time that you try it again. Write down the amount of points that you made at the end of the game.

Learning to play a Song ‘Ode to Joy’


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Free download of the Gentle Piano Demo - "Ode to Joy"


Free download of Piano Key Guides: Alphabet Solfeggio
This game needs a MIDI connection to an electronic piano keyboard Read more >>

  1. Download "Ode to Joy" Free Demo.
  2. Check the connection. Press any key in the middle of your piano. If you will see any reaction on your monitor (a bug, a butterfly or the notes changing colors/moving) the connection is established.
  3. Provide tuning (go to All Programs – Soft Mozart Demo – tools – tuning). There will be couple of play back options. Check, which one you like best and save the setting.

Start learning the song by following the instructions on our videos.

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